Benefits of Baby Wearing

The benefits of baby wearing   Here are some of the wonderful benefits of baby wearing in the AmaWrap!   The first three months of a baby’s life have also been referred to as the “fourth trimester”, as it is felt that this trimester is an extension of life from the womb. Until now your baby never knew hunger, could always hear mummy’s heartbeat and was always rocked. It may take a while to adjust to life on the outside, and we can help with that transition!   Kangaroo Care Kangaroo Care, the practice where the baby is held skin-to-skin with the parent, has been scientifically proven to benefit both baby and parent in terms of bonding and attachment. The contact allows baby to hear the parent’s heartbeat which he is accustomed to hearing in the womb, and has been proven by research to calm him. Research has also proven that preterm babies, when carried, grow at a faster rate than preterm babies who were not. Fully responding to your childs needs and allowing them to attach in infancy allows them to form important neural connections that are the building blocks for their future personality. (opens new window) Not only does it also improve parental confidence and a natural tendency to care for the child, for mothers specifically it stimulates breastmilk production … Continue reading Benefits of Baby Wearing